For this project, we explored the textile waste and how it relates to our daily life. In the first motion graphic, we introduced how the textile waste relates to ourselves and our environment. Through telling the story of a shirt, we lead people to see why it happens and why it matters. People may not realize what will happen and what have had cost when they buying more and cheaper clothing and end up throwing them away. And showing the result of making one shirt through a different scene. Since each scene is quite individual, so I used a different way to transform. Secondly, the solution video continued the story from the problem. By presenting the direct result of water pollution, the fish we got is not clean lead people to really concern the problem is relating to us. Then, showing people how to make a change by everyday choice, and what we can benefit at the end. For the website, our targeted audience is women especially young women, so we used these pastel color to represent feminine. Regarding our topic is about textile and fashion, we drew the idea of sawing string and seam line as elements and tie each section together. And also by using the elements from motion graphic to create consistency.


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