Workbook: Week 10.2

Interim Critique & Advanced AfterEffects

We had our interim critique session, where we showed the following materials in class to Gray:

Sophia’s animatic sequence for the ‘Solution’ animated graphic, now including a music track sourced from, a placeholder read-through of the voice-over script, and a slightly shortened version of the storyboard.

The critique on this was to pick up the pace to make it more engaging, and to shorten the video further. It would also make the video more cohesive to have the beat of the music coincide with transitions and the voice-over.

[Aria Vid]


This was Aria’s progress with rendering storyboard images on Illustrator, and adding them in with transitions in AfterEffect to work towards finalising the ‘Problem’ animatic. This was overlaid with another placeholder voice-over, and another Creative Commons track.

Gray said that this was very effective in it’s pacing, and the paper cut-out style adopted in Illustrator worked very well as a conduit for the art style we have been trying to capture.

Few changes need to be made, the speed of each scene are too fast. Some graphics are confusing.


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