Workbook: Week 9.2

Critique on Animatics and Working with Adobe Illustrator

We had already done both of the animatics by the time we had class, so although it was meant to tach us how to use Adobe After Effects, we didn’t work more with the software during class.

Instead, we spent the class receiving critique from Jason and Nikko on our animatics. It was suggested that we made transitions between animatic slides instant, rather than fade-ins and slow movement. It was also suggested that we script and record our voice-over now, so that we could apply it to the After Effects session and better time our transitions in time to the voice-over.

We also worked on Adobe Illustrator to start refining our images and make assets to add to the After Effects session. The following are some of the assets in progress.

Plans for Progress with Work

We decided by next session that we would like the voice-over recorded, and to continue working on refining assets in Illustrator. We would also like to create a refined wireframe for our website, and some further iteration on Web Design.

Wireframes & Web Design Iterations

Some examples of wireframes we are using for reference for our own website, sourced from various websites.


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