Workbook: Week 8.2

Critique & Storyboarding

Sophia’s lecture notes:


Interim Critique

We received critique on our progress so far – our sample static images of our webpages, sample static images from our motion graphics, and the cohesiveness of our concept for submission.

It was suggested that our work needs to be of a more similar artistic style. Sophia’s static webpages could use iterations with vector images in Adobe Illustrator to match the style of Aria’s motion graphic samples, and Aria’s motion graphics could incorporate more textures to communicate more thoroughly the layered-paper style we were aiming for.

Our next steps should be to iterate more on our existing designs, and work more towards outlining and storyboarding the 2 concepts for the motion graphics. We decided each person would work on 1 motion graphic and 1 web page. In order to make sure our design styles work together to make a cohesive website, Aria’s motion graphic will accompany Sophia’s webpage, and vice versa. Both of us will be editing one-another’s work as we go along, and contribute to what the other is doing.

Concepts for our Motion Graphics & Webpage Cover

The following sketches were done in class as a visual representation of our discussions and ideas – more like a brainstorm of what message each of our motion graphics would be giving, and how they will talk to one another across the website.

Aria’s motion graphic will be on the first webpage, which Sophia will design. This motion graphic deals with the problems created by the fast fashion industry on the manufacturing side. Sophia’s motion graphic will be on the second webpage, which Aria will design. This motion graphic presents the ‘solutions’; what the consumer can do to make wise choices in supporting more ethical and sustainable brands and practices.

Sketches for our front cover of the website (and potential character):


Sketches of how our 2 narratives could go (both concepts were more or less scrapped before we started storyboarding):

Storyboard for Aria’s Motion Graphic: The ‘Problem’


Storyboard for Sophia’s Motion Graphic: The ‘Solutions’




Large drawings of panels (A5), carrot for scale:



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