Workbook: Week 7.2

Refining our Topic of Interest

Sophia’s lecture notes:


Working with Clothing Manufacturing Pollution

We discussed our current ideas and progress with the tutors. We presented our research and proposed solutions, and were advised to pick a more specific direction within the topic of fashion and sustainability. It seemed that we were trying to address sustainability both at the production and consumer ends of the fashion industry; so we decided to focus on the waste produced in the production of fast fashion. Now, the goal of our website to show how the audience can make informed choices to support more sustainable brands, pushing the fashion industry toward more sustainable practices.

Identifying an Artistic Style


We researched various animated shorts and motion graphics, which we felt we could draw from for our videos. We decided we wanted to emphasise a more individual, hand-drawn style of illustration, with minimal text. The goal of our videos would be to tell a story to promote an emotive response in an audience of all ages, with textual information to support the motion graphic with factual evidence. We’ve decided to take the direction of the illustrations taking centre-stage.

Design Moodboard

Based on our research into the visual aspect of how to go about our website, we’ve decided to go into the direction of block colours with individual art style, most probably through the use of line art. The following moodboard captures what we aim to achieve, and the colour palette we want to create it with picked from key images.

Design&Palette Moodboard




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